Sandbox Wisdom

A Business Fable for an Age of Complexity

“What people think about you or your business is unimportant. What matters is how you make them feel about themselves and their decisions in your presence.”


Sandbox Wisdom cover image

That’s just one of the startling insights revealed in this heartwarming story about a confused and disillusioned CEO whose encounter with an amiable mechanic and an adorable little girl changes his business—and his life—forever.

“A smart, warm-hearted and winning book. A must read!” —The New York Times

This timely story reveals the timeless principles of business and organizational success in a way that goes straight to the heart of 21st century marketing, branding, selling and leadership.

“An insightful little book!” —Fred Smith, founder, chairman, president, and CEO of FedEx

You’ll discover the simple truths of influencing others, managing failure, strategic thinking, conflict resolution and much more.

“This is not another formulaic business book written with perfect hindsight about some increasingly irrelevant business model. The  lessons here are fast, timeless and under your nose.” —Scott Bedbury, author of A New Brand World

Forget business as usual. Sandbox Wisdom is a new way to awaken the subconscious wisdom of your childhood and revitalize your business, and your life.

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“Peter Senge, author of the Fifth Discipline, says that to have the best chance of surviving as we are buffetted about in the “sea of complexity”, companies must become “learning organizations.” In this delightful little book, Asacker invites us into the world of a child for some very useful learning.” —David Wolfe, author, Firms of Endearment

“In creating a business, building a brand is one of the most critical pieces. Tom shows you how to do it, with some help from the kids. Because, after all, the children get this stuff – they walk through puddles and sprinklers. They taste first snows on their tongues. And Tom gets that they get it, so he shares it with us.”—Jim Warda, author, Where Are We Going So Fast?

“On first reading this book, you may feel that the basic story line is too simple and the lessons a bit obvious. Right on both accounts. On second blush, you begin to realize that so many of these “lessons” you have forgotten, and the simplicity of the story allows you to focus not on Tom’s books, but on how to improve how you build your career and your life with some of the lessons.”—Mark Albion, author, Making a Life, Making a Living

“Sandbox Wisdom is a refreshing reminder that many of the lessons learned early in one’s life should never be forgotten.”—Jeff Shuman, author, The Rhythm of Business

“Tom is a masterful storyteller with the rare and unique ability to make the complex easy to understand and implement. His words of wisdom remind us that we already have the answers we need. This book provides powerful insight into how to tap into our inner wisdom to create and manage a company’s most important asset; its brand.”—Monique Reece, author, Market Smarter Not Harder