Other books

Clear cover imageA Clear Eye for Branding: Straight Talk on Today’s Most Powerful Business Concept  (Paperback, Kindle)

“Finally, this branding babble is put to rest. Tom debunks most of the mystery of branding and simplifies it to the bare essentials in this easy to read story.” —Kevin W. McCarthy, CEO, On-Purpose Partners

OS cover imageOpportunity Screams: Unlocking Hearts and Minds in Today’s Idea Economy (Paperback, Kindle)

Opportunity Screams is a must-read in our cluttered, confused, and distracted 24/7 economy.” —Jonathan Salem Baskin, Global Brand Strategist, author, columnist

Less cover imageA Little Less Conversation: Connecting with Customers in a Noisy World (Paperback, Kindle)

“Injects the same revolutionary spirit and humor he delivers in his speaking engagements, achieving the same high takeaway and thought-per-minute ratio.” —Scott Silverman, Owner, Articulate Brands

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