Tilt is poker lingo.
For poor and irrational play.
Brought on by unchecked emotions.
Ones that interfere with a player’s ability to think and act strategically.
Many factors can lead to tilt.
A bad beat.
A prolonged losing streak.
Trash-talking opponents.
A feeling of invincibility.
And outside influences can increase the likelihood of tilt.
Stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, drugs.
Going on tilt costs players.
A lot.
So they naturally try to stay aware of it.
And overcome tilt.
Corporate America is presently on tilt.
So much so that it’s searching for solutions.
Mindfulness comes to mind.
Eliminating anxiety and stress.
By bringing wandering thoughts back to the present moment.
And dealing patiently with yourself and with others.
I’m all for it.
But only if it’s used to wake people up.
To get them to recognize and eliminate various causes of tilt.
Unwholesome work environments and situations.
Ones that interfere with people’s ability to think and act strategically.
And not simply as a panacea.
A medicinal measure to calm people down.
To stabilize the status quo.
MLK pointed out that “True peace is not merely the absence of tension.
It is the presence of justice.”
Yes, practice mindfulness.
But also work to restore a sense of objectivity and fair play.
By doing so, you’ll eliminate the predominant source of tilt.
And that’s the most mindful thing you can do.