Affect and cause and effect.

It was early in the morning and I felt a bit rundown.
I’d returned home late the night before from a speaking engagement.
And I felt like I was, I don’t know, falling behind.
So I brewed a cup of coffee, turned on the TV, and grabbed my iPad.
While cleaning out my inbox, I came across a thoughtful email from another author.
He was looking for a mention or review of his new book, Soulful Branding.
And he had attached a PDF version and a media kit.
I was ambivalent.
I was dealing with scores of emails.
Plus I have a stack of unread books piled up on my coffee table.
But I never dismiss people.
So I open the attachments and quickly scanned the contents.
Looking for something . . . compelling.
My attention was bouncing between his email, Twitter, and news headlines.
When near the end of the media kit, I read:
“The book concludes with the real life story behind how the song Amazing Grace was created.”
At that precise moment I heard President Obama’s voice.
So I looked up at the television.
And saw him singing . . . Amazing Grace.
I’m highly skeptical of paranormal claims.
Like the author, 3,000 miles away, sending out mental vibrations.
And those frequencies connecting with my thoughts and desires.
That’s magical thinking, not cause and effect.
And anyway, my thought was, “I wish he didn’t send me this email.”
But I do believe that coincidences can be made meaningful.
By a process of affect and cause and effect.
Here’s how it works.
That unusual event affected me.
Which caused me to write this piece and email it to the author.
And now . . . who knows?
Perhaps other affects and effects will connect to this nascent chain of causality.
And spin events in some new and interesting directions.
And that’s the most exciting part of this story.
And of yours.
You see, it doesn’t really matter what affects you.
What matters is that something does.
And that it compels you to try something new.
Then that action may affect you and cause another, and then another.
And that new chain will eventually replace the old chain of habit.
The one that presently binds you.
“But,” you may be thinking.
“Wasn’t being driven by a coincidence to write this piece, ‘magical thinking?'”
Absolutely not.
Because I have no belief whatsoever in any type of outcome.
I just did what moved me, in the moment.
Try it sometime.
It’s wonderfully freeing.

P.S. If you’re interested in creating a powerful brand, you should definitely read Soulful Branding.