The ubiquity illusion.

Wherever I happen to be, I can usually find a McDonald’s.
I’ll bet you can too.
I invariably flip through the SkyMall catalogue while on commercial flights.
You probably do as well.
And I keep seeing (fill in the blank) mentioned everywhere online.
Go ahead, pick someone or something.
And what do those occurrences signal?
What meaning does our believing mind make?
That they’re successful, right?
Otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing them everywhere.
That’s the ubiquity illusion.
Social media creates that illusion.
And so does advertising and pr.
But McDonald’s is struggling.
SkyMall is bankrupt.
And don’t believe for a minute that the “talked about” are rolling in it.
They’re struggling for meaning and significance just like the rest of us.
So stop comparing your behind-the-scenes hard work.
With everyone else’s ubiquitous highlight reel.
Don’t let the illusion dishearten you.
Stay curious and passionate.
And keep adding value and meaning to people’s lives.