You earn belief.

You’ve probably heard this expression:
“If you want people to think you’re funny, don’t tell them you’re funny. Tell them a joke.”
So why don’t more people follow that advice?
Because joke writing requires creativity, time, and effort.
It’s not easy to create something original and compelling.
And joke telling takes guts.
It’s not easy to risk failing in front of others.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’ve got game) creativity and guts are what it takes today.
To separate your ideas from the scores of others in today’s saturated marketplace.
The days of buying attention and communicating belief are on life support.
People are weary and wary of messaging and marketplace promises.
Today you earn belief.
Through the tangible details of your offering and the inspired actions of your people.
So focus intently on your idea.
Have an ambitious purpose.
And understand the tangible issues that will ultimately make the greatest difference.
To your people and to your audience.
Then look at what you do, why you get out of bed in the morning, as an opportunity to stand out and rise above the growing sea of sameness.
Don’t spend your days pickled in a world of parity.
Marinating in minutiae while your ideas and unbridled spirit shrivel up and die.
Grab yourself (and your people) by the collar.
Yank yourself off of your comfortable, well-worn path.
And create something distinctive, meaningful, and emotional.