Belief is motivated.

Is the Earth flat?
Most people believe that it’s not.
Because they have no desire (reason) to believe otherwise.
Do offshore islands offer protection to mainland communities?
By acting as a buffer to Tsunamis?
Most people believe that they do.
That’s why fishing villages are located behind offshore islands.
Even Southern Californians believe that the Channel Islands will protect them.
But new research suggest the exact opposite.
Offshore islands amplify the effects of Tsunamis.
Increasing mainland flooding by up to 70 percent.
So now what?
Will this new information move people?
Both emotionally and physically?
Will people wake up tomorrow with a new belief?
Of course not.
Because belief in not a dispassionate understanding of the world.
Programmed by the preponderance of evidence.
Belief is motivated reasoning.
Driven by desire.
And perpetuated by selected information.