Thank you kids.

I watched the championship game of the Little League World Series.
The skill level was extraordinary.
Pitchers painting corners with fastballs and changeups.
Patient batters working the pitch count.
Fielders diving and gunning out runners.
Confident and alert base running.
They looked like they’d been playing the game for decades.
They haven’t.
They’re children.
Eleven, twelve and thirteen.
And I wish more business people were like them.
Humble and gracious.
In victory and in defeat.
Curious and passionate.
Students of their game.
Proficient in the fundamentals.
And a steadfast desire to be the best.
But most importantly, grateful friends and supportive teammates.
The all African-American Jackie Robinson West team played their hearts out.
Becoming a symbol of possibility.
And an inspiration to the entire city of Chicago.
The South Korean team won, and then they bowed.
To the Chicago players and their parents.
At that point my heart warmed.
I felt proud to be a human being.
Thank you kids.
I wish more adults were like you.