I may be screwed.

I drive the same way to work each day.
Because it gets me there.
You probably do too.
Once we find something that works for us, we tend to repeat it.
Over and over and over again.
I don’t think it’s a problem.
It seems to be the most direct and traffic free route.
But I’m not 100% sure.
Nor do I really care all that much.
However, I have other habits that may be a problem.
But I’m not really sure what they are.
Because, like my path to work, I’ve learned what works through association.
And so I’ve told myself that those behaviors are right for me.
Or that they don’t really matter all that much.
The result is disconcerting.
My environment has grabbed hold of my subconscious mind.
Making me feel comfortable and justified.
So now I’m screwed.
And you may be too.
A friend recently challenged my model of reality.
Especially my contention that desire drives people’s beliefs and behavior.
“If someone doesn’t do it,” I said. “Then he or she really doesn’t want it.”
Her reply really made me think.
“Can’t a person desire a future outcome, but not desire a particular path to achieve it?”
And there it is!
The crux of every failed personal and organizational plan in the history of mankind.
Desire for an outcome without desire for a particular, and typically difficult, process.
“Outcome and process must be inextricably linked,” I replied.
“Otherwise the environment will grab onto people and yank them right back to their present state of affairs.”
Why is this not obvious?
You can’t desire to be a professional athlete without the desire to do professional-level training.
You can’t desire to be a first-class brand without the desire to do first-rate work.
And I won’t even get into people’s “desire” for peace, love and understanding.
Desire for a particular outcome without desire for a particular process is a dream.
Unfortunately, hoping for that dream to miraculously become a reality is mankind’s MO.