Wannabe or will be?

The Jesuit priest Anthony de Mello wrote, “We see people and things not as they are, but as we are.”
His profound human insight clicked with me again today.
As I glanced at two reviews of my new book.
One remarked: “I’m going to heed his advice and go do what I’m passionate about…”
The other: “[I]t leads to a very mundane conclusion–follow your dreams and passions.”
Two very different derivations.
Didn’t those people read the same book?
Of course not.
Their minds created their unique reading experiences.
It’s the same with everything and for everyone.
We create our present realities and our futures.
Through our unique lenses of desire.
Consider a wannabe and a will be.
A wannabe desires the bright, imagined future.
A will be loves the game, the work, the process of “getting better.”
A wannabe desires the accolades and the payoff.
A will be desires the learning and development.
A wannabe spends more time thinking about it than doing it.
A will be can’t get enough of it.
So when a wannabe hits a wall, he questions.
The future, the risk, and the odds.
He feels fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
A will be sees the wall as yet another discovery, another challenge.
And feels energetic, enthusiastic, and optimistic.
Same circumstances.
Different realities.
Same experience.
Very different reactions.
And, inevitably, outcomes.