The dots in our heads.

Do you take any nutritional supplements?
Do you know precisely why?
Is your regimen based on an exhaustive double-blind, placebo controlled study?
You’re not really sure, are you?
Here’s how that belief was formed.
You read something, heard someone speak, saw an advertisement, etc.
And those phenomena created dots in your head.
You eventually, and unknowingly, strung those dots together to create a picture.
A story about the “rightness” of the idea.
Its meaning and significance to you.
Once you starting taking the supplement, your behavior reinforced those dots.
It energized them like a Lite-Brite.
And that illuminated pattern now directs your feelings, thoughts and behavior.
Minds are like neighborhoods at Christmastime.
Lit up with their own, unique pictures of the times.
Ones that give individuals a sense of control, meaning, and self worth.
If you want to influence people, you must work diligently to create those picture.
With mental dots.
Dots that are energized with emotion and personal significance.
And which maintain an integrity of pattern.
Consider Chipotle.
The highly successful fast casual restaurant chain.
The company is creating dots to form a picture they call “Food with Integrity.”
A pattern which illuminates its use of organic, locally-produced ingredients.
Last month, the company launched a short animated film about factory farming called “The Scarecrow.”
It has had more than 7 million views on YouTube.
They simultaneously launched an app-based game of the same name.
More dots.
Two years ago, it’s “Back to the Start” video, featuring a Willie Nelson song, created a constellation of dots.
And just two weeks ago, the company launched a section on Huffington Post called “Food for Thought.”
Their CMO said: “It’s supposed to make people more curious about where their food is from.”
It’s supposed to create more dots.
And, eventually, belief in the Chipotle brand.