Are you being played?

I was recently enticed to purchase an audiobook.
It sent me all the right signals.
Engaging title and subject matter.
Harvard Business Review endorsed author.
Social media mentions.
I hated it.
So, was I played?
Do you ever wonder if you’re being played?
Is the government choosing when and how to inform you?
Are business people using advanced psychological techniques?
Are the media spinning the facts?
You can stop wondering.
You are being played.
We all are.
It’s the nature of life.
We’re all involved in a massive, interconnected game.
Unfolding right in front of our eyes.
Moment by moment, day by day.
Sometimes we play it consciously.
But more often, we play it without much thought or consideration.
No one is intentionally out to deceive us (okay, maybe a few).
They’re just being what they think they should be.
So we’ll do what they think we will do.
They’re operating based on their instinctive beliefs.
Like a fish that puffs up to look bigger to prey.
Or birds that brandish plumage in a sexual display.
So get with the game.
Do you want “them” to change their behavior?
Then get them to change their beliefs.
And when will they do that?
When the beliefs they presently have stop giving them the outcomes they presently desire.